Williams and Hellmuth go at it

Posted April 22, 2010 by All 360 Poker in Event Coverage

Hand Action

Phil Hellmuth raises to 35,000, seat 4 calls, and David Williams also makes the call. The flop comes . Hellmuth bets 15,000, seat 4 folds, and Williams calls. The turn is the . Phil bets 120,000 and Williams calls. The river is the and both players check. Williams turns over and Hellmuth mucks.

*Tip: Listen to Williams and Hellmuth’s banter at the end of the hand.


    The Devil

    Would like to know what Phil mucks here (AT, A9?) but the banter alone is pretty entertaining afterwards…David was legit in his defense of not sucking out and especially when he could’ve re-raised Phil on the turn and taken even more of Hellmuth’s stack. Oh well…congrats on the eventual win David!

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